I was bored of revising so I went out for a quick ride and filmed a few tricks to make this (very short) video. I dislocated my left thumb yesterday which has gone yellow and puffy and hurts so there are only a few tricks, ones that I could land with my right hand. With heinsight I should have gone out and filmed yesterday because most of my village was flooded, still it gave me a break from my work.

Hope you like it, although theres not realy much to like.

EDIT: This should be my last video using wmm, adobe premier should come this week :slight_smile:

very nice mate. nice hops and once again that frame is gorgeous! :slight_smile:

I enjoyed it.

It was pretty good. I can see you becoming a luke collalto type rider.

i didnt see any varials in the video? i liked the smallspin onehanded…good video marcus…

Nice video.

If you asked me, you could of used my link and downloaded premiere pro 2, and have the full version with no restriction or anything. lol

some people have morals jerrick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was expecting a 720, but I guess you have ur reasons.
I’m guessing you decided to learn varials (or was it a smallspin) and inflips because you only have one hand, I did the same when i broke my wrist :smiley: (but it was my left and im right handed, so now i can do most tricks with both hands ^^)

You’d have to pay me a lot of money to get my uni that dirty :stuck_out_tongue:

Just saying. Its there if anyone wants it.

Thanks, yea it was a shame getting it all dirty.

Yea I know, I didnt like that either. After you said you landed them I thought I would try it, it was alot easier than I thought. I didnt have much time so I just went with it, same with the other shots, I had about 15 mins filming it all, aparently revision is more important.

Haha funny thing is my dad is getting my copy from a friend for nothing. :smiley: Thanks for the offer anyway jerrick.

Sorry about the lack of a 720, the bigest spin was only a 180 haha. I will get a 720 on film as soon as I have time. School is taking up way too much of my time right now with class, corsework, homework and revision. I have 2 free periods on friday which will give me about an hour and a half to film and stuff, I dont know if I will have enough time then but I will try for one.

Yea I lernt varials because of my thumb, I could inflip before. I had a couple of other tricks but they looked pretty lame because they were on flat so I didnt include it.

Dont worry its all lovely, clean and polished now :slight_smile: Has yours still got all the stickers on it?

EDIT: Its looking realy wet on friday so unless it clears up I dont think I will be filming.

really i thought it was a one handed hickflip with a body varial…cool tho i can do those then

I thought that was a cool idea doing tricks across the puddles.

that was decent. somewhat low key, but it was on gravel and was wet so whatever.

In the beginning I was afraid that you would just be riding through that puddle the whole video :astonished: . Wouldn’t want that. lol.

Lol! very funny! that’s original!! :wink: :wink: :smiley: