West coast & oregon tour

Bungeejoe ( Joe Myers) is going to start riding his Unicycle from Point Roberts WA. to Crescent City CA. Joe is hoping to average 60 miles per day with some breaks along the way.

Why Point Roberts? Well, it’s there.
Why Crescent City? Well, it’s there
Why this adventure? Well,it’s a challenge!!!

If any one wants to join in along the way just P.M. me you phone # and maybe we can meet up somewhere.

We start July 16 -2011 and will go thru Aug.7- 2011.


Awesome-enjoy every minute Joe.

I might be able to join in for a day or two along the Southern Oregon portion.


Washington coast & oregon coast tour

Joe will start his ride today! We will go to Point Roberts WA.,and he will ride to Bellingham WA. for his first day. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!


This means he’ll be back for International Harper Day, August 28th! And in much better shape than any of us.

It sounds like an enjoyable trip. If Joe would like to keep riding south for another 800 miles, I would be honored to join him on a ride.


We started today!

Started at 4:00 PM. Rode from Pr. Roberts to past Birch Bay. Put the unicycle in the trunk at 9:30 PM. I’m guessing it was about 42 miles, two border crossings,​ wait for two trains, and one broken spoke nipple.


First Day Pictures!

Pt. Roberts Starting Point.
Bay Dike Trail


Following on FB. Keep the pics and updates coming.

Go Joe!

Nor Cal and South Oregon has some of the most beautiful coastline in the US.

What a great idea for a tour! Too bad I didn’t hear about this earlier. I could’ve quit my job and joined you!

May the wind stay at your back…

Washington coast & oregon coast tour

Joe will ride again tomorrow. Let the good times roll!!!


Washington coast & oregon coast tour

We are in Port Angeles, WA. today arrived here last night. It has rained every day that Joe has ridden with lots of head winds. 117.3 miles in two days.

On yesterday’s ride it sprinkled for 10 miles and rained for another 45 miles. With no fender the tire spray was annoying.

Best quote from a non-rider was yesterday. As he rode out into traffic to avoid a Washington State Patrol trooper and his car blocking the shoulder the trooper said “I hope you have good life insurance.” We wonder if his brother-n-laws sell life insurance.


I would’nt mind joining up with you guys in California, the northern coast would be a nice ride. Our sunshine took a leave of absence lately. California can be too hot though, plus too many earthquakes.

California is kinda the “Shake And Bake” capital of the USA : )

Don’t forget tsunamis. Crescent City is a Tsunami Magnet!


You’ve got to be kidding me…

I see clipless pedals on that unicycle! :astonished:

Monday, July 18, no rain, but a brutal ride. Port Angeles to Neah Bay on 101 to 112. Strong wind on narrow roads full of log trucks, 75 miles, lots of steep hills, sunny day.

Tuesday, July 19, Neah Bay to Cape Flattery with a hike to the northwesternmost point of the contiguous United States. Picked up the route south from Clallem Bay through Forks ending the day at Ruby Beach. 59 miles, lots of rain and wind.

Wednesday, July 20, Ruby Beach to Moclips vie Cook Creek Rd/Moclips Hwy, 67 miles occasional rain, sometime heavy rain, some wind, lots of climbs.

Thursday, July 21, Moclips to Westport, short day, 56 miles, morning rain. It’s the Pacific coast, you know, rain, wind, and hills. Some of the UFO found us on the way to Westport. Thanks Colby, Brent, and Don.

If you are in Grayland/Westport find the Bennett’s Restaurant and let Don do the cooking. He puts out some real fine food.

Friday, July 22, we spent almost two hours with the Unicycles for Ocosta (UFO). They are a great group of youths and parents. Westport to Long Beach plus side trip, 85 plus miles, sunny, and windy.



The KH 36 Schlumpf made it over the Astoria bridge today!


Tillamook, OR

Sunday was a rest day in Seaside, OR. We spent Monday night in Tillamook, OR. About six riding days left with 300 miles to go.


Rain? What’s this rain you’re talking about? Never seen it at MY Pacific coast! :slight_smile:

Glad you’re keeping the log trucks at bay.

Did you stop by the cheese factory in Tillamook? I know it isn’t the ideal riding food, but I wouldn’t be able to resist…

We stopped at Tillamook Cheese

We ran into a couple of unicyclist from Minnesota there!