Wellgo translucent platform pedals

Hi there

Quick review relating ‘cheap’ Wellgo studded plastic pedals. This type of metal pins studded platform plastic pedals are my favourite but I recommend everyone to stay away from the cheap ones you can get out there online… They easily develop cracks and quickly break beyond repairs : see in the photos below what happens next after a crack develops :astonished:

I now prefer to pay more and, in my case, I get the Nimbus branded ones which have a solid colour (they are reinforced fibre plastic according to their website…). So far I haven’t cracked or broken any of them :slight_smile:

transparent plastic tends to break faster too. Black pedals are usualy better than the rest. Probably because of some chemistry I dont know about plastics :stuck_out_tongue:

I reached the same conclusion about skate wheels. The transparent ones were prettier but never rolled as well or lasted as long as the plainer ones. You must be giving up something in the material properties of the polyurethane when you go with the clear stuff. Otherwise you’d expect them to all be clear.

It seems like I remember figuring out a while back that Kris Holm pedals were actually some Wellgo model but can’t find a note on it. Maybe clear B108s with blue axles…?

Nimbus branded pedals are junk too.

Seriously, pedals and tires are two places I’ve learned that you don’t totally cheap out on. Spend some dough on a decent metal pedal like a Wellgo MG-1 or better yet some Saints. If you’re into plastic then the Fyxation Mesa’s (Nukeproof, Fireeye, etc.) are also very good.

If you need an inexpensive pedal, Twisted PC’s are still decent.