well priced BEGINNER unicycle

i’ve never seen this one before, its probably good as a starter for someone wanting to learn… and no, an isis nimbus would not do the job better, it is a LEARNER (trials) cycle at a reasonable price. HERE

accually look like a good uni…not just for llearning…

its just a cotterless hub

OH! nvm.
suck esk hub.

Learning on that wheelset is not ideal. Neither is jumping. It would be better to start with a true 20" and then upgrade to a splined setup if you are going to go with a 19" type wheelset.

what is the point having a good rim and tire if it has a weak hub (it probably isn’t even made from chromoly steel) and crap seat.

If you want a cheap beginner uni why not get a cheap 20 inch and if you want to do trials get one with a decent hub.


Jim, this uni would suit someone who wants to get into trials when they get better in unicycling. If you think about it, it’s an awesome deal becasue most learners go for an LX which costs $100. For $20 you’ll be able to have a BIT stronger unicycle that will last probably last 2-3 months longer than an LX (considering that the person is doing beginner trials and street).

i should get one of those when I go on my trips. I have a tendency to sell them when I am in another country. Plus if I lose one of those it is not that big a deal. I sure that I would break it in about 3 hours or less but I could be nice to it and make it last a week.

I think that seat makes it impossible for use as a learner trials unicycle, since new people don’t jump or ride SIF, and there isn’t a usuable handle for jumping seat in. Those CX type saddles are finger killers. I don’t think you could learn trials on that without replacing the seat.

That unicycle looks weird and i mean as in, i wouldn’t want that as a learners unicycle because i’m afraid it might snap or break the moment i try to do coasting or freemounting on it. :thinking:

The hubs, even if they are cotterless rather than splined or isis, are generally strong enough to stand up to most of the stuff a new unicycler could throw at them in the first year or two of their riding. For example, I just bought a unicycle for £25 (UK) as a starter. So it’s the cheapest you can get (I plan to upgrade as I go) and the hub on it is the same as my mates. He bought his unicycle as a reasonably mid-range trials unicycle and has been riding it for about 2 years and hasn’t had any problems with it at all. He has been doing upto 4 foot drops and jumping down 7-8 stair sets.
I think the unicycle that Skrobo showed us would be much better than buying a cheap freestyle unicycle for around the same price. Especially if the new unicycler wanted to do trials/street more than anything else. The only thing you would really need to replace would be the seat, but that’s not exactly the most expensive thing. And when the time came to upgrade hub/wheel/frame then the chances are they would buy a brand new full set up of high quality for quite an amount of money. Also, if they wanted to upgrade with less money then it doesnt cost much more than £40-50 for a decent frame. There are unicycles costing around £200 which use frames that sell for £30 on their own.

If you’re in the US, you can buy a Torker LX20 on eBay for less than $100.00 plus $20.00 shipping. I bought one for a dedicated in home, carpet cruiser for $75.97 and $24.99 shipping from bicycle-source… My wife doesn’t like me riding my MUni inside.