Well, I bought the Sun 28"

When I cracked the seat post of my other uni, I decided that it was breaking WAY to often–since it is my transportation to and from class, I really do need something in working order.
So I ordered a Sun 28" to use mainly as a backup to my heavily upgraded 70s Schwinn, and for when I’m running a bit late.
I’ve put 10 miles or so on it since it arrived yesterday.

Initial thoughts:
What is with these cranks? 6" cranks with a very wide spread/“Q-factor” hardly seems the best choice for unicycle designed for speed and distance.

The seat post is really long. I’m 5’10" and I sawed about an inch and a half off to be able to ride it in the lowest posistion.

This thing is light. Much lighter than my 24"
When I hit a bump, I bounce. I’ve got the tire inflated to 70psi, and at any sort of swift pace, those bumps really can throw off your balance.

This thing isn’t all that much faster than my 24". I wasn’t expecting a huge difference. I’ll have to try it with shorter cranks, though.

My spills have been a lot worse with this one. Only two so far…one when I was seeing how fast I could take it down a steep hill. On the 24, if I hit something, I can run fast enough once I come off it that I can usually not fall and trip over the uni.
Not so now…couldn’t come close to catching the seat, and the uni actually bounced and landed over the other side of a small fence. I’m just glad I fell off this side of the fence.
Second spill was today, coming back from class. I was riding one footed, which I was suprised to find easier, if anything, than my 24". But puting my foot back on the pedal, I totally missed the pedal, tripped over the leg, fell over backwards, and managed to kick the uni into the air and hit the back of the hot girl about 10 feet in front of me.
And no matter how badly you fall off a uni, you don’t get sympathy points from anyone you hit with a uni.

It’s weird…my 24 doesn’t fly out in front of me nearly as far as this one does…

Idleing is a bit awkward feeling, but easy enough after a minute or so of practice.

One foot and backwards seem to be just as easy, if not easier, as the 24". That’s the limit of my freestyle skill, so I can’t comment much on anything else, other than to say that I can’t even get my legs in the right posistion to WW because the wheel is so close to the saddle.

Haven’t tried anything else because I’ve been warned about this uni being very weak. I’ve got the tire inflated to 70 because I figure this will lessen the chance of damaging the rim…Am i right about this? It makes the ride a lot less smooth…is it worth it? I would have though smoothness would be better for the uni…but I guess rim damage only happens from bottoming out?

I thought the seat was fine until this morning…now I can really feel it. I might try to make it an air-seat. Otherwise, probably go to KH.

I don’t ride my Sun 28" that often, (usually my 24x3 or Coker) but I’ve found that 50 psi seems to work well and softens up the ride a bit :slight_smile:

I’ve never used a sun 28", but have plenty of experience with nimbus 28" and Nimbus 29" (the 29-er being simply the 28" but with a fat tyre).

As far as the 28" is concerned I really didn’t like it- having mainly ridden a 24x3 muni I was accustomed to not being thrown off by the slightest little bump in the road. For me a big wheel with a skinny tyre just isn’t pleasant to ride.

Some people do value the fact that riding a 28" is a challenge, but I much prefer a good fat tyre beneath me so I can focus on just rolling along and enjoying the ride.

Putting a fat tyre on and making it into a 29-er was great- extra speed, more height etc.

Initially had 5" cranks but switched to 6" ones which I much prefered as I live in a place with lots of big hills. Contrary to popular theory, using the longer cranks meant I could actually go faster, as it enabled me to roll confidently and easily over terrain that would have been dodgy with 5"-ers.

So my advice would be to not get overly concerned about the cranks, but do look into getting the fattest tyre that will fit into your frame- I can’t emphasise too much the difference a fat tyre makes on this size of wheel.