Well have a unicycle and need help learning to ride it

Well hello all,

Well I have a unicycle and either need to learn to use it or get rid of it.

So where in London (UK) can I learn

Thank you

Just find any place with a long, smooth, flat surface and some kind of rail you can use to guide yourself.

You don’t even need a rail, you can use a pole or post instead, but it is really helpful.

Get up and do trial and error. Use the rail to guide yourself and try letting go for a small amount of time every once in awhile. Eventually, you will start figuring out what it feels like when you’re about to fall a certain way, and eventually after that, you will start adjusting automatically to fix it and stay on top of the uni.

If you use a rail, you can grab it just before you fall, but try not to grab it too hastily, or you may be losing experience of recovering from really close falls. If you use a pole to get on, just go as far as you can and walk the walk of shame back to the pole, and try to aim for farther every time you go up.

Well I’ve tried to do the balancing in a doorway thing and that was a bit stupid.

Looking to try and either meet people or go some where people will help others.

There is no perfect answer, people could walk along side you holding you up a bit, till you feel confident if you want companionship and/or don’t want to use a wall or pole.

It’s practice, practice, practice and a little further each time you try. You have to have the desire to really want to ride and although sometimes it helps to know people who ride, the desire has to come from within you.

It depends which part of Lahdahn you’re in, but if you’re within striking distance of Hackney there’s a great club going on there. Wednesday nights they meet at Paragon School (about 7pm I think) and welcome newbies. Ask for Martin there.


Check out this series of videos from eHow.com


This one is how to get up on the uni, there are others listed below it on what else to do. I’m in a similar situation as I work nights and just started to learn. I’ve been practicing mounting and using the archway between my kitchen and my living room of my apartment for a training spot. I can steadily balance for up to 10 minutes with some help from the arch, and working on the leg motions that they show in one of the videos to get your legs ready to move and used to the foreward and backwards pedaling motions.

Don’t get fustrated, just try for a few minutes, then take a break for an hour or more, then get up and shoot for 10 minutes, then break, then 20, then break, and so forth. I’m probably going to be ready for outside riding in a couple weeks at this pace, practicing daily.

Thames Path

Miles of great railings along the Thames Paths between Tower Bridge and Lambeth. Bridges have good railings too. London Bridge at 5pm not perhaps the best choice:D