Welded up

I went to order a pitfighter post the last week from renegade but there were all gone. So I talked with Tom for a bit and we decided to try and weld one of my old ones back together. He did it free of charge and this is how it turned out

Now to fix one more

Good luck. I dont see it lasting to long.

Yeah neither do I, but hey, I didn’t have to pay anything so I’ll be happy as long as it holds up until they get more pitfighters.

I’m gonna see if I can get the other one a nice gusset(s) welded to it by a buddy of mine. Maybe it will work, maybe not its all free so I don’t care

not bad, looks pretty good. it will hold up as long as you dont do any drops like over 2 foot? maybe :slight_smile:

When are they getting more in? Any chance they are gonna be PF2s?

i had the same done to mine with a professional welder and it still broke the next time i rode it

Just wanted to add, having a spare seat post is always a good idea. But having a spare CrMo post around is one of the best things you can do. I will never go on a uni trip without throwing my steel post into my bag. Even now with my PF I still will not leave home without a “FRESH” Aluminum, or my good old trusty CrMo post, or both if its a long trip.

I like that idea. What CrMo post you runin’?


Cut is down as short as you possibly can to save weight and make for easier in traveling. Stick in with your tools and such.
Thats one of the pros to having a long neck frame. You can use a Steel post that has been cut very very short.

Whenever I have some extra cash when ordering a part I need I will get a couple extra pumpers and handles. I stopped having to buy extra aluminum posts once I started using the CrMo. Ive been ridding my PF for a month, no problems thus far. At least I know my 'ol pal CrMo has got my its back.

Drops aren’t what ruin seat posts.

no kidding… its dancing on seatposts that ruins them.

thicken the joint and add some supports etc. basically, beef it up.:smiley: but drops dont break seatposts…people with beards break seatposts.

dont land on it and youl be fine.

I have only bent two, none broke so far :slight_smile:

I thought that welding aluminum would take the temper out of it or something and weakened the metal around the weld. I could be wrong though, never welded aluminum myself.

I welded a friends up and his is still holding up strong its lasted longer since I welded it than before it broke. I broke my aluminium KH reinforced post, Im going to weld that up with gussets at some point. My aluminium weldings not too gret though.

Yea I second that, I have the same cromo post as that, Im runnung with it whilst I get another aluminium post or fix my old one.

Having a spare cromo post is definatly a great Idea, your post can break at any moment without any warning, if its at the start of a long ride you will be dam pissed off but if you ride with a spare there is no worries, you can just swap it out.

hey i ve done something similar

Bild 001.jpg

That looks pretty good. I’m thinking of doing something like that except 2 gussets instead of 1.