We disabled Facebook login/registrations

Instagram embedding will probably won’t work anymore as well (it was clumsy anyway).

Meta is an incredibly frustrating company to “work” with. They require annoying, repetitive processes on our end to assure that we do a fair and legal usage of their service. They can’t even load the forum, ask for an infinite list of stuff to do and get back to them, ignore our replies, send generic messages that don’t help… I refuse to spend more time than I’ve already spent with them.

So, I’m done with Meta and I don’t think it will be a loss. We couldn’t even have Facebook posts’ previews for some reason (probably an “untrusted server’s IP”, which I didn’t know how to fix it and definitely won’t bother about then).

Bye Meta! :wave: :smile:

And as a very personal thought, I hope they’ll sink fast. They bring no good.


No crying over spilt milk here! :beers:
I thought I could use Facebook as a non member to find riders in Arizona, I got nothing but dead ends! They want you to sign up, and I’m not going there!

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I reluctantly use Facebook still as it’s still the best platform for trying to organise things and keep in touch with riders, but I’d very quickly jump ship if this changed.
I’ve never used Facebook login though.

I do honestly wonder whether some of this is tied into The unicycling organisations desperately need your help!. Back when Facebook was newer, less horrible, and practically everyone used it, it seemed much easier to stay in contact with people and keep them updated with goings on.

Now there’s no one platform that everyone’s on, and I don’t think that helps with enabling people to stay in touch!


For the record, both Facebook and Instagram links worked by default not so long ago. See:


Meta just made it impossible to easily get the data for whatever reason.

I still follow an unofficial (but trustful and actively maintained) forum component that manages events:

It didn’t cover all that we needed or sometimes was a bit complicated to use, but they’re currently doing polls to know how to improve it in some ways.

I’ll test it again soon to see if it can help here.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that people will automatically go from other platforms to unicyclist.com, but the most practical the forum and its features are, the better it is anyway.

Twitter login and embedded posts could go away soon as well:

Thank Elon! :clown_face:

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