Watched Ken's videos

Ken Fuchs kindly sent me videotape copies of unicycling competitions and I
was blown away by:

The person juggling clubs while coasting on an “impossible” or B.C. wheel.
Downhill coasting and gliding contests. The person coasting downhill while
standing tall on the uni fork crown Tiny tykes on 16" unis doing tricks I can’t
do yet. How can a person spin 15 times that fast and not puke? One-footed spins
and reverse spins. Running jump mount to walking the wheel. Running jump mount
on a giraffe. Skipping rope while hopping on a uni. The person traveling
sideways really fast while idling a giraffe. Numerous people transitioning from
seat in back forward to backward and vice versa by hopping and spinning 180
degrees in the air. Idling one-footed with seat on the side The person who did a
one-footed side ride with one arm extended. John Foss doing a dynamite freestyle
routine. John Foss doing a sideways leap over two persons lying side by side on
the floor. The person riding in a circle doing 360 degree riding spins on an
ultimate wheel. The person riding a giraffe on footpegs near the axle and
pedaling with his hands. Beautifully choreographed and executed synchronized
riding routines. Unicycle basketball games The person who jumped from his uni,
slam-dunked the ball and hung from the rim.

 Like I told Ken, I can see I have a very long way to go. I just hope I can
 become half as skilled as some of the people I saw on tape today.
 Geographically isolated and/or novice unicyclists like myself couldn't go
 wrong taking up Ken on his generous offer of copies of these tapes.

Dennis Kathrens