waste of a perfectly good unicycle

One of many unique vehicles at the recent Spezi Show:

how is that a waste? (of an otherwise crappy unicycle)

i think it’s pretty neat

It’s next to a Pichlerrad sign. Perhaps it was made by Pichlerrad?

Are there any videos of this thing in action? Does it actually move? It looks pretty ridiculous. With that said…I want one.

Hey, those arnt a waste, they are very fun to ride, i havent tried to ride on of the motorized monocycles, but the pedal ones are very fun!

Heres more info about the motorized version: LINK

Aw, the thread title was just to get your attention. A better title might be: Another way to gear up your 20"

Just thought this was interesting, even if a monocycle isn’t considered a unicycle.

The guy with the motorized monocycle is impressive. What was his record speed?

:frowning: hmmm? another thread redurected from the dead.

speed record, i dont know…there is a video out there somwhere of the dude crashing hard but its never been posted…

its a totaly rediculas idea to motorize such a death trap, since history has proved that style of one wheel is totaly crappy for anything other than a straight line drag.

That is a pretty awesome looking vehicle would love to give it a go

it looks like that thing from starwars

How does it go forward? I understand the whole pedalling idea, but wouldn’t it go backwards when you pedal forward? Or is there some sort of un-going-backwards device?

No, if u follow the movement from the pedles right to the big wheel, you will see that it would in fact, go forward.


There’s a nifty, Victorian-steampunk version in the animated movie, Steamboy.

Oooooooooooh, I get it now. I was following the movement like one of those 2 wheeled giraffes.

Motorized monocycles around for at least 70 years.

How delightfully nuspeakian.