washington dc

anyone live in the dc area? are there any unicycle clubs there?



I was originally from Vienna, Virginia before moving to Hong Kong, so i
rode a lot in the D.C. area and once with a club called the “Super
Cycles” run by a lady named Trish Hands Dearing. I’m not sure if Trish is
still operating but it’s worth a try. Anyone have a valid, updated
contact for Trish?

Also, Lisa, the “UNI LADY” lives still lives and performs in
D.C. (Ithink). Someone on this group should have here E mail address.
She’d be a good contact for other unicyclists / uni activities in
the DC area. Help?

Steve Dressler


At 04:03 PM 8/10/01 -0400, Blake Riley wrote:
>anyone live in the dc area? are there any unicycle clubs there?

I believe there’s one in the phone book. My aunt, who happens to be
visiting, told me of a new neighbor who rode a unicycle and asked where
the nearest unicycle club was. She didn’t know, but they found it in the
“white pages”.


“Blake Riley” <balloonbuddies4@webtv.net> wrote in message
> anyone live in the dc area? are there any unicycle clubs there?

Hi, I see this is an old post, but am wondering the same. I just got back into unicycling and would like others to ride with. I am trying to learn some flatland, trials and muni. I live in Silver Spring.

JoeJumps4Fun has an email list and sends out a request to get together every once in a while.

See this thread:

On Facebook

In Baltimore:

Tried contacting the guy in DC, but no response. Seems like the club is not that active. The club in Baltimore looks good, but I cannot do anything on Saturdays. Anyone out there want to ride on a Sunday in the DC area?

I might be able to do some riding in DC. I live in La Plata, MD (south of Waldorf). What kind of riding were you thinking about doing? I’m still very new to unicycling and have mostly just ridden on paved trails and streets, but I’m looking to get into muni.

That’s about an hour and a half from where I live. A bit far of a drive to ride, at least for me. I have two kids, so my time is somewhat limited.

I am looking into getting into a bit of trials/muni etc. Maybe Muni, since it uses trials skills.

If you guys only live 90 minutes away, just meet in the middle and then it’s only a 45 minute drive. :smiley:

Well, do you have any places you’d like to ride in DC? I don’t mind driving up to DC every once in a while, especially if it’s somewhere accessible by Metro. I was thinking about going up to the C&O Canal towpath some time, or the Mount Vernon Trail (maybe starting up near Rosslyn).

That sounds great, and I suppose I could go there to sometimes. I will PM you. Anybody else interested is welcome to PM me.

Bump for random question. One day I suspect I’ll make it back up to the D.C. area. I’ll probably take the uni to commute around as opposed to using the metro this go-round and was wondering if security would get all upset should I incorporate some building features into a few trials lines when the opportunity should arise. I’m guessing they would.