Washington DC Riders

Hi Washington DC Riders,

I will be in the area from Oct 6-9th for job training and would like to ride with some locals on my off time.

Monday the 6th I will be available from noon on and the other days will be avalible after 5:00 PM.

Should have my Torker DX 24 with me, my KH 29r is to big for my large suitcase. I perfer Muni but could do a street ride of the local sites or a nice rails to trails.

I have been riding for about a year and a half after a 30 year layoff.



I live in Germantown, MD which is about a 40 minute drive from downtown DC. There are some really nice muni trails out here. If you have a car and want to head out here on the afternoon of the 6th I can ride with you. The evening rush hour is bad in this direction so after 5 pm on the other days would not work very well.

I live in Maryland about 15 minutes from the DC border. I’m mostly into urban trials and street, but I have a muni. If an event is organized on I may attend based on how school affects my schedule.

I’m close to DC as well. If you want Muni, there are a few trails out in Northern VA - Fountainhead, Wakefield park, and Difficult Run/Great Falls. I wouldn’t be able to meet up on that Monday due to work, but I could get out of work a little bit early to meet up on one of the other days.

i guess we have a few more maryland riders than we did last time i checked.

i have mondays off, and would love to do some sort of ride that day

i presume you won’t have a car with you. there aren’t really any muni trails that are metro-accessible. however, if we do decide to do muni, i may be able to pick you up in DC and drive to wherever.

in the meantime, we MD (and NoVa and DC) riders should do something

joshben and munimag and whoever else wants to join us,

I will have a rental car.

I am up for the Muni near Germantown, MD on Monday the 6th.

Also siafirede we can meet up on one of the other days.

I will PM you all with my contact info.


Germantown should be good. there is Schaeffer Farms, which has ~12mi of XC trails. it might not be quite as interesting as fountainhead in some ways, but at the same time, i think it would involve less walking up steep hills. there’s also Black Hills Regional Park, which is perhaps 10 miles (by roads) north of Germantown. Black Hills is a bit rockier and hillier than Schaeffer, and has fewer miles of trail (i think like 8-10 total). There is a connector trail between the two that would be 7 miles each way, but is currently closed due to construction.

Wow, another MoCo rider on the fora? Where in MoCo are you? Shoot me a PM or something, I’ve been dying for other riders out here.

Black Hills Park borders Germantown. There are trails right behind my house in Germantown that lead up into the park. The trails there are hillier and rockier than Schaeffer Farms but I think more interesting and fun.

Here is a web address for some information on the Schaeffer Farm trails:

And here is a web address for some information on the Black Hill trails:

Oct. 6 afternoon

Hey, I just joined this site, having been inspired by meeting Ben (from Wheaton) at the Charm City CX race and getting to try a 36" wheel for the first time.

On the afternoon of Oct. 6th, I’d be all over a ride around DC sights with some other unatics. So if the Germantown outing doesn’t work for some, let’s meet in front of the White House…about 2 pm?

Ben, I’d love to do a loan of my 24" and/or 29" for your 36" some time.

What kind of unicycling do you have in mind?

Urban riding Oct 3rd and 6th


The first Friday of every month, a “critical mass” bike ride leaves about 6:15 pm from DuPont Circle on an ad-hoc, bohemian parade through DC. I’ve been able to keep up with the group on my 29er, and would welcome other one-wheeled company. Next one is this Friday, 10/3.

Also, if Eddie or anyone else still wants to pedal around the sights on the afternoon of Monday, 10/6, chime in. In front of the White House would make for an easy place to meet. I’m flexible timing-wise, but proposed meeting at 2 pm.


Washington DC Riders, Oct 6th - 9th


If you are still interested in a muni ride on Oct 6th post here, we are planing on riding in Germantown, MD. which is 40 min from DC according to munimag.

munimag where would we meet? Also I should be able to be there around 2:30 - 3:00 PM or later, what time is good for everyone else?

Also siafirede and who ever else wants to do some after work ride(s) in DC what days are good for you, I will be available tue-thur.

I also PMed everyone who replied to this thread with my contact info.


Germantown, MD Muni Oct 6

munimag and I will be doing a muni ride at Black Hills Park in Germantown, MD, on Monday Oct 6th, ataround 2-3 PM. will be metting at munimag’s house.

send me a pm for more details.