Washing shin pads

Hey, I was wondering if sixsixones are machine wash safe or whatever. What method should I use to wash 'em?


I wash mine on the gentle cycle. Make sure the Velcro is done up. Then let them air dry.

I wash mine by hand in the bath tub using liquid dish soap. Then rinse. Then hang them up to dry. If they have worn in dirt I’ll scrub them with a utility brush.

I’ve never tried washing them in the washing machine. I guess that it would depend on the style of washing machine that you have.

The bathtub routine is quick and easy.

Wow,John, thats almost the exact same way i clean my pads. I use basic laundry detergant and warm water in a bath tub and i scrub away.


machine wash cold, air dry, medium load, less detergent than normal, alone- maybe with gloves/clothes worn while riding.

make sure the velcro is done up? what do you mean? overlapping itself?

I’ve got a front load, agitator-less machine.

Yes, because left undone, the Velcro will clog up with lint and crap, and you won’t be able to do it up.

Re: Washing shin pads

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004 22:46:27 -0500, “Keaton_M” wrote:

>Hey, I was wondering if sixsixones are machine wash safe or whatever.
>What method should I use to wash 'em?

I machine-wash my 661 4x4’s, together with my Harbinger wrist guards
and the sweat pads from my helmet, but not together with any other
clothes. Don’t know if I could just add regular clothes or if they
would get smelly. I use the wool program and normal washing powder,
and everything comes out a lot fresher.

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I just wash mine with everything else. Nothing else acquires the smell. I just toss them in the machine and hang dry them when I even let them dry. Most of the time I just wear them whenm they’re wet, the water doesn’t hurt. But then again, I’m not the best person to ask about washing my pads, as I’m notorious for having stinky pads, no matter how often I wash. Basically, after 1 ride, they’re hard to even have in the car the stench is so bad…

Seriously? You guys wash that stuff…?

its armor, its tuff and can handle a washing machine just fine.always hang to dry though.

I haven’t washed them yet, but I do let them air dry well, before sealing them up in a duffel bag. Good to know others experiences with washing them.

Yeah dish soap is what I use too. I think it’s easier to work with and smells better.

You mean that you’ve actually washed them?


Wondered what the pong was!!!


My six-six-one elbow pads have a life of there own now, one I am not sure I’d like to destroy.


Commercials simply do not lie.

Want to open your car door after it’s been in the muggy heat all day with used armour that has been thrown in there, soaked, after a ride a few days ago, and actually crack a smile, and want to close the door just to open it again to the great smell?

  1. Remove soaked pads from sweaty legs
  2. Enjoy that cool breeze
  3. Spray pads with Febreeze
  4. Throw pads in car

I have only recently discovered this, so I don’t know how long Febreeze will replace my favourite washing method (bathtub/laundry detergent) but the difference so far has been incredible

I’ve been drying sweat-soacked armor by leaving it in my car with the windows rolled up in the sun… Haven’t noticed a smell yet, but I’m sure my gf will tell me about it tomorrow :smiley:

I stick my 661 Legs, 661 Arms, my helmet padding and my wrist guards in the same wash, all with the velcro undone. Gentle cycle does wonders. Comes out clean, and the velcro is better than new, so grippy it hurts to try and undo it! I dry mine on the aga in my kitchen.


I have fox shin pads.
they smell of salt

Re: Washing shin pads

i drop my 661 shin pads in the bottom of shower during my post ride
they’re never perfectly clean, but they don’t smell or have those
curious white
stains on the insides. (unlike my pants)