Warren and Bode Miller

First of all, the new Warren Miller movie, “Journey” is out. They filmed in Aspen last winter for about 3 weeks, to get 3 minutes of footage. They filmed at Aspen Highlands, where I ski patrol. I was filmed riding my MUni through the snow, down stairs, etc. My two children were included as well on thier MUni’s. I have been told that that footage did NOT make Journey. OH well, none the less, for all of you ski bums out there, go see Journey! I was also filmed running one of our rescue toboggans over big jumps, and through the bumps on my snowboard, which was really fun to do, but I don’t think that made the film either. Must be my white mustache. The footage of Aspen Highlands ski area should be awesome, it is a fantastic ski mountain.
I was recently told that Bode Miller, an American World Cup ski racer, trains heavily all summer on a unicycle for his ski racing. I’m sure that does not suprise most of you, as Unicycle riding is great for core balance and leg strength.

thats kina funny because the bike shop here is showing a local biking movie with unicycling in it before journey is being shown (at the local theater).