WARNING 07 KH ISIS crank removal

Help pleaese!

I’ve done the same anybody know how I can fix it?

Just order a M12 tap and a new bolt and you will be fine

dw fixed (well planned weekerning/ hammer) :wink:

I did do it for years (KH 03 hub in nimbus II frame), it runs no problems.

Hell even if they do fail after two years, new bearings are about £6 or something, lot cheaper than getting a 42mm frame.

i remember reading a tip somewher that said you put a penny or something in before the crank extractor. can anyone confirm this?

Evan, if you’re going to be acerbic, you really should stick to topics you know something about.

ISIS is a standard. If the cranks you manufacture are the only ones that fit properly on your hub, you’re not following the standard. “Slight variation” is not acceptable.

Koxx-One is not offering two hubs, one using M12 bolts and one using M15. ISIS cranks require ISIS crank arm remover. Square taper crank remover has much smaller area to push on spindle…hence it getting stuck inside ISIS spindle threads… no fun as a couple of you have found out. Any bike shop should have ISIS crank arm removal tool.

Per K1 cranks on other spindles. Last week I tried the standard K1 crank that comes on Devil 19s etc…) on 4 other brands of ISIS spindles. They fit well. Next week or so I will be getting in the LIGHT and STREET cranks in and I will try them on other ISIS spindles. Let me know if anyone is interested in my findings.

Per crank installation. I have found the best way to get good seating of cranks to spindle is with a rubber mallet. Lay the UNI/bike on its side so that the downside is touching ground/wood (place towel in between so as not to scratch up your cranks/spindle), place crank on upside… hit forcefully 3 or 4 wacks with rubber mallet. This seats the crank onto the spindle well and greatly reduces odds of them loosening up quickly. Though you should always check crank bolt tightness numerous times after installing cranks (particularly new ones).

Hi Tim

Everyone knows koxx cranks apear to fit on other spindles because they are too big.

I would be interested if you find any other ISIS cranks that we can fit onto the Koxx hub



we european use 2 coins of one eurocent to prevent the crank extractor from damaging the isis axle…
get prepare to waste 2 eurocents because the coins are completely destroyed but if you compare this with an isis hub price… the choice is quickly done;)

Remove cranks easily with the proper tools!

The right tools for the KH 2007 crank removal operation
or this coupled with the appropriate wrench

The CCP-4 is really simple to use. Remove the 8mm Allen bolt. Make sure the threads on the crank are as clean as possible before screwing the crank removal tool into the crank. It’s a good idea to check the crank removal tool threads, too. If the tool was dropped or hit by something it is very easy for the fine steel threads to get damaged. If you can’t screw the tool in with your fingers you are probably stripping the aluminum threads on the crank - this is bad! Once the crank pulling tool is firmly screwed into the crank - turn the handle and your crank will slowly be pulled free. It really is simple, if you make sure the threads on the crank and the tool are clean!

Hah I did the same thing. I brought it to the bike shop the other day though and it turns out that although I didn’t destroy the threads, they are damaged. It has been causing that crank to coming loose.

I did this to remove the crank to get to the cap with a few 5ps but they bend real bad :wink:

i don’t care if they bend, i was just wondering if it works, and works well.

It can be done. I used a Singapore 5c coin (16mm diameter). It does indeed ruin the coin. Better to use an ISIS crank puller.

mine did it too. this sucks!
i have been using an american dime and it works well for my oth uni that is not stripped

where could i buy a tap for my hub. its 12mm X1mm right? its a kh new hub. isis

where could I buy a tap for my kh hub. its 12mmdiameter and 1mm pitch!


I feel stupid I just replied to an old thread I had already replied to, I guess that teaches me to read the whole thread and not just the first page.

Yes. It sounds funny. But this is a good thread to revive.

Goodluck Joeseph. I was there when you were asking Phil.