Warburton Cycle Fest 2010 [Australia]

The Warburton Cycle Fest is being held in Warburton (80 km east of Melbourne) on the 1st and 2nd of May this year. They are planning to hold a unicycle race on the athletics track. All unicycles and levels of ability are welcome. Kaos Custom Bikes will be supplying prizes:)

It sounds like a fun weekend. There will be many other cycling events including films.

More info here:


The website is still a bit basic at the moment but is slowly being updated.

I hope to see you there.

We will also be playing an exhibition game of uni hockey. Should be massive, make sure you are there.

I noticed this activity on the site:

“One on one race up a hill- one of the steepest sealed roads in Australia, rising 120 m over 350 m distance (1:2.5 ratio) Think you’ve got a powerful set of legs & lungs? This is where you prove it”

Is there a unicycle division? :smiley:

I am sure they won’t mind unicycles heading up there. I think the unicycles would kick butt up a road that steep, might enter that event myself now that you mention it.

Only three weeks to go! The website has a schedule now, all the uni events will be on Sunday 2nd May. Uni hockey has been added to the event list too.

This should be awesome.

Only two weeks to go. I hope you are all as pumped up about this event as I am:)

I should also add I may be riding my 12 foot giraffe to blow some minds, providing I can find somewhere suitable to mount and dismount.

Wish I lived closer as I would attend it for sure. The drive from Sydney is too much. That’s cool that you have a 12 foot uni, I do too! Is it actually 12 feet?

I measured the 12 footer with a tape measure from the bottom of the tyre to the seat. The distance comes out at an inch or two more than 12 feet.

The seat is set a little too low for me at the moment. I will probably raise it up before the big event. I took it for a practice ride yesterday, it still scares me!

Thanks to Kaos Custom Bikes, Knog and Municycle.com.au (formerly unicycle.au.com) we have hundreds of dollars worth of prizes to give away, with more still coming in.

This is a great opportunity for the unicycle community to showcase our sport. Don’t miss out on what will be the biggest unicycle event in Victoria ever.

Only a couple of days to go. I am so excited about this event I have hardly slept the last few nights.

If anyone needs a lift to Warburton from Melbourne we are arranging for people to be picked up from Caulfield railway station. We will be leaving at 9am Sunday morning. Send a PM if you have any questions, or post in this thread.

A big thank you to all those that turned up. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I believe this festival will become an annual event so I hope to see you all next year.

Thanks also to our sponsors:




I believe the photo’s of the weekend will appear on the festival website in the next week or two. If anyone has their own pics feel free to email me or post them up in this thread.

Hi Mat, just home! Thanks for organising the uni part of the weekend. It was a great day and a beautiful environment and I plan on being there next year. A LD ride on the trail would be nice too.

I can’t explain why we didn’t put a Warby rail trail ride on the schedule. I was actually on a uni ride along the trail when I was asked to organise the uni events. Something to keep in mind for next year.