Wanting a few things

first off i don’t have the money for this stuff and I have to talk to my dad about buying it to but I Am going to post and start looking now where I can be seeing what I need to get. i don’t really know if I want them I am still thinking about them but i want to see if I can find a better deal. I have a good little bit of stuff i want so i am going to start.

1.24" rounded crown frame with 25.4 mm seat post tube. If anyone one has a 22.2mm seat post tube i will think about it too
2.gel saddle(I would like a miyata but I will look at anything
3.primo tenderizer pedals
4.grind plate

Ok i think that is it for now

i don’t need a saddle I am just going to take the one off my tx and put it on the dx

i have a flat crown 22.2 from bedford if you want it

I want a rounded crown but how much do you want for it
Edit:also is it 20" or 24"

I don’t think a grind plate will work with the Primos. the primos have push in pins not removable pins

ok thanks

The kommando grind plates go on primo tendorizers fine, you don’t have to take the pins out.

Yeah, you tell him!!

If you were to take the pins out then you wouldn’t need the plates in the first place on most pedals.