Wanted: wheelset

Hey I’m looking for a 20" wheelset, I’ll pay however much, contrasting to the quality of the wheelset. It can include cranks or not. I’m not looking for something off a $20 UNICYCLE(I already have one of those). They’re not very strong! Thanks, Joe.

Any more specifications?

So you’re not fussed with the brand?

And what sort of money frame are we talking?

Do you want a trials wheelset?


Well I’m a beginner to the sport(I’ve been riding about a month every day) so I’m not real sure of the specifications I need. I’m into street, so there’s a little bit of trial but not to extreme. So I really don’t need a really super strong wheelset. If you have something you’d like to sell me, post a picture and tell the parts it contains and I’ll look into it.

If you can wait a week or 2

I could work something out with you.

I will post pictures as I get them on my comp, if yer interested.

TIRE: Brand new Luna trials tire 30$
RIM: (very lightly used) TRY ALL 19" X 47mm Wide Rim, It is custom gold leaf-ed. only one like it 55$
SPOKES: I can lace some used spoke for free, or brand new spokes for 25$
HUB: USED KOXX (it looks kinda funky with the paint job on it now, I can powdercoat it all nice lookin for you)50$- you will, however, need cranks for it… /or BRAND NEW KH moment hub and cranks 135$ (add 15 dollars if you want it powder coated white, green, lime, red, yellow, or black.)

so yer lookin at 135$ (used spokes, used hub, no cranks)
or 260$ for a pimpin pretty much all brand new custom setup with cranks.

If there are some things you like and other you dont let me know. We can prolly work something out. I only even make this offer becuase I have a few weeks of down time due to injury.


he can just buy a 50 buck unicycle, just put out a want in the newspaper, there is always someone around you who rides. If you want a wheel set want to spend a lot, just get the DX, 220 bucks or so for the whole unicycle, its what I ride, and I do a ton of street like treyflips double flips double back flips and more advanced stuff.

You’ve been riding for a month everyday… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: lol interesting!!

I understand really lol.

Torker 20 LX

$70 if you want it. A month old. If you check UDC $100 + shipping. Buy it from Dan $100 + tax. So you save about $50 for a month old uni. It has 48 spokes and a great upgrade from your typical swap meet uni. Seat doesn’t even have a scuff mark on it.

please send an email to himmhui@hotmail.com