Wanted: Vee Tire T Monster Tire

Looking for a Vee tire T Monster 36er tire. Willing to pay up to $100 plus cost of shipping depending on condition. Please PM me if you have one you’re willing to sell. Thanks!


Not looking to start a bidding war, but if you’ve got more than one I’ll pay the same price as Terry for the second one.

bicyclebuys.com lists the retail at $200 now and they show them on sale (but backordered) for $150. I got two from them 2 years ago on sale for $79. Prices on everything have skyrocketed.

So are you willing to sell me one?

Sorry Terry - they are already on both of my 36ers and worn to the point that I will be looking soon too.

No problem Zen, thanks for letting me know. :+1:

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