Wanted: Used Trials Uni

I am looking for a used Trials in the US
I think a torker dx or a qu-ax trials would be great
I’ll give about $150 for the uni
Anything better than a dx or qu-ax I will buy it

All right, no one wants to sell their uni for $150
ha ha ha

I’m stupid and can’t read. Change the name of your city for me.

There, I fixed the address.
Are you satisfied?

There, I fixed the address.
Are you satisfied man?

Yeah… I thought you were in Hamilton, Ontario for a second… I was going say, you can come ride with me, I’ll let you ride my DX.

Hey it would be pretty awsome to ride with you.
Thanks for asking though
Ontario’s a beautiful place, I went there two years ago.

Hamilton isn’t… Toronto isn’t very great either.


Sorry, I got confused with Quebec I think

That’s gross… the French are far different from the rest of Canada.

I’ll sell mine for $1487.30 (inflation)

I cant afford something like that, that’s crazy!