WANTED: Used trials bicycle under 250 USD

I really want to get into bike trials but I cant afford any of the new bikes out there, I tried ebay, amazon, and online stores but the price is just too high. So if any of you have a used trials bike that you dont use or that you would just like to get rid of for under $250 then send me a pm please.


And even if theres somthing wrong with it ill take it… If somthing is broken, if there is somthing missing like a rim, tire, brake, pedals ANYTHING. I will take it (for a fair price)

seems that if you’re interested in paying a fair price, you’d have one already.

$250 for a trials bike? That won’t even get you a hub that’ll last 3 months.

Maybe going on a trials BIKE forum would help?

250 will get you an old monty mod. Maybe a x-hydra, x-alp or x-lite. This is not the place to be looking for a trials bike. Observedtrials.net is.

why not uni trials?

Because a trials bike can do SOOO much more.

exactly why I am kind planing on getting the a3 or zm3.

Yeah some dude just got a great deal on an old monty mod a good starter I hear.

ill sell you my stock monty for 400

talk to yunisyko. he has an old 20". it needs tires,a rear brake, a couple of nipples and something else. i think he is selling it…