[WANTED: USA/NY] Basic 36er

Rode a corker for this first time this past weekend and decided its time to get myself a 36er!

Looking at new basic models but would be happy to find something serviceable used instead.

Would prefer something relatively close to NYC and a traditional frame layout compatible with adding a rim brake - would still consider a disc brake or a nightfox type frame at the right price but wouldn’t really get the advantage of them personally.

Looking more for something to ride than a rebuild project, but again, not out of the question if issues thoroughly described.

Decent gel type saddle would be a plus but easily replaceable. Touring bars etc mildly interesting but not a priority and already have a KH zero & bar setup I might dig out again to try on it.

Someone in my local club had one for sale, going to be picking it up tomorrow, then taking it out to the Hudson river path to start adapting.