WANTED: Uni saddle for 22.2mm seatpost

I found an old kids unicycle that would be fun to ride but the saddle is impossibly small. Wondering if anyone has a uni saddle that would fit a 22.2mm seatpost? I’m in upstate NY.

Thanks in advance!


The issue may be the seatpost, not only the saddle. You should look for a 22.2mm uni seat post on UDC and you’ll be free to get any uni saddle.


Thank you, I didn’t know those existed!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
In fact, I’m curious about why your uni has a bike seat post/saddle. That’s very uncommon! As far as I know, only a few riders use bike saddle on specific setups.

Well, I have no information on the history of the uni - it was discarded - I found it in the scrap metal section of the local dump. :stuck_out_tongue:


It may be easier to simply weld a standard 4 bolt plate on the top of the existing seat post. Then there would be several saddles available to fit it.

Or this (although showing out of stock at the moment)

Great now I can put my unicycle saddle on my mountain bike :grin:.

So I don’t see this on UDC U.S. and it is out of stock on UDC Great Britain.

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This made me wondered why unicycle saddles went for the 4-bolt approach in the first place. Any historical context?

It may be more sturdy. I guess cyclists put less force on their saddle than we do.


It’s in stock here:

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