Wanted: uni for tot.

I’m looking for a uni for my 3 year old son.


might worck :slight_smile:

wow! Three? can he ride a bike yet?

No…and I’m not expecting that he’ll ride it in the summer. But I can help to learn to balance against things, and get him sort of used to the uni, and most importantly, it’ll make him happier than s@@t to have his own. He draws pictures of them all the time, and asks to come with me on rides.

wow thats so cool, your son is awesome.

yeah a 12" should do, might even be able to ride now… i’m not sure though, dont get him disgusted by letting him fall! he shall be a great unicyclist lol

My kid’s answer to falling down… getting back up!!!

Thanks for the advice. I got what I need, and I won’t buy used. 50$ for that 12 incher. perfect.

that’s so cute that he draws pictures of unicycles. Tell him I said happy recieving!