wanted UK ONLY

hi have any of ou guys got a railed seat as mine bit old and worn and i cant seem to find any anywere.thanks craig

where did you get it from or doyou have one for sale?

are u after the adapter or the rail seatpost?

your not being very clear in your post lol

no the acutal seat or a converter from railed seat post to 4 blot connector as i have two unis 1 is a 4 bolt seat holder and the outher is a pashley and mine has a railed seat on it and i hate it so much is well to wide and big so either a connector so i could swap my seat accros when i want to use it or a new seat.thanks craig

also my post is an odd size it says 25.8 on the post .

well you dont get rail type unicycle seats, they have a converter which makes them rail type seats. SO i dont understnad what you mean. Get a picture of it.

Also thats probs 25.7mm americans can’t measure in mm lol (asuming you are american)

waht make is the unicycle?

mine is its not a new unicycle by the way im guessing its about 5/6 years old but just not been used that much and there isent anu bolts its just like a normal bike seat rail i will try and get sum pics up on the seat post marked in it says 25.8 /1.2 .the make of the unicycle is pashley.

I know the type of seat you mean, pashley did make them with the rails integrated like a bike. This is what you need, it’s designed for exactly your problem, you can stick any normal unicycle saddle on top of it, and it’s cheap. Problem solved.

lol well done for deciphering that :smiley: lol