Wanted - Try All Sticky Tire 20x2.5

I am looking for a brand new or used Try All Sticky tire. Only a black on though. If you have one your interesting in selling, I would probably buy one.

I would like to have anything from 100% tread to about 40%. So I would be able to pay a reasonable price depending on the tread.



Try-All tires are a pretty hot commodity on this side of the ocean, and I doubt you are going to find anyone whos going to sell one thats in that good condition for anything much less than what renegade juggling charges for a new one.

Yep, I just ordered one from renegade. Should be here tomorrow. Price: $49+tax & shipping. I’m in CA and so is renegade!:slight_smile: Also ordered are some clear twisted plastic peds. (Oh, and also a kh trials uni from uniproshop.com. :sunglasses: )

didnt you just sell like 2 trials unis? :astonished:

Well, I had several but sold all of them because I wasn’t using them at all and doing 99% MUni and the rest 36er riding. This time I’ve decided to really try to learn street/flat riding. So I just giot my new try-all today. Should get the kh trials next week!:smiley:




Terry. or others. What is the advantage / difference (other than tread design) in the “try all” compared to the CC?

Hard to quantify, but after trying cody’s uni with the try-all, I just could immediately feel the difference in grip and I could jump higher with less effort. Could be all in my head too, lol. Plus I just like the looks of the try-all it’s sick mon! :sunglasses:

It has thicker side walls so doesn’t fold (as often) and its just a great tyre!

I notice the samething as terry when jump on my KH with a CC compared to my bro’s Koxx with a try-all the try-all is much more springier and softer making jump higher or at least feel like i can bounce higher. I havent ever tried doing a far hop to the side on a try-all but i do noticed my CC folds most of the time.

the ultimate guide!!!

srry for the threadjack isaac

Hey Isaac, try HB trials or Division 8, both are awesome shops. I think you will have better luck with Div8 though, they specialize in Koxx stuff so they will definatly have it in stock.

Thanks that link is great info. And thanks to the others for their insight. I have only used the CC on my trials, and my only complaint is that it tends to be quite hard at cooler temperatures. (living in Canada we have a lot of that) Maybe I will give the try all a go.

Yeah thanks Nathan, i’ve emails Division 8 and they do have them in stock, except I am now broke, I will maybe order one later on this summer. :slight_smile:

Hey Isaac I am also looking to buy a try-all tire. how much is division 8 selling them for, is it any less than renegade?

i think paid 80$ for mine shipped to alberta from division 8. seems kind of pricey, but I had lots of money, and it is an amazing tire.

Dang, I can buy two car tires for the price of one trials tires.

And earn the difference in money while think about how to save money.:smiley: