Wanted trials wheelset with cranks and tire

yeah splined preferaly under 180 ill pay shiping

a wheelset comes with a tire, tube, rim, spokes, hub, cranks.

ok no a wheel set is a rim and spokes and a tire

torkerdx u r mean

rim, spokes and a tyre won’t make a too crash hot wheelset.

a wheelset is a hub, spokes and rim.

Sorry for the thread jack but…

I don’t think a unicycle has a wheelset. We only have one wheel. (Don’t give me the pair of pants thing) :slight_smile:

“A bicycle wheel is a wheel designed for a bicycle. A pair is called a wheelset, especially in the context of performance-oriented wheels. A wheel consists of a rim connected to the hub by spokes.”

However, for me a wheelset is hub, spokes and rim, it may or may not include cranks, bearings or tyre.

You could pm manon1wheel, I know he has a torker dx for sale. I have dibs, but if the deal doesn’t work out…

a used torker dx wheelset isnt worth 180 and im looking for something lighter anyway and i ment hub not tire:o