Wanted: Trials uni and advice

As some of you may have read, I’ve been learning on a normal 24" “newbie” unicycle. Well, Unfortunately, It rained pretty much since I got it, and then today I received the text that the person whom I’m borrowing it from needs back.
Money isn’t really going great for me at this moment in time, but I need to learn somehow. So instead of spending money on a newbie cycle, i’d rather just find a used trials one for around the same (or a little more) price. 20" wheel is all I know, and as far as I know, that’s all trials ones…

So with that all said. I need advice on trials unicycles, good brands, good pedals, crank sizes etc…

school me.

I am located in CT and preferable something in New England would be the best so I wouldn’t get destroyed in shipping.
Let me know!

I would go with a Kris Holm or Koxx-one… they aren’t too hard to get ahold of there…
a nimbus with KH cranks would be significantly cheaper and just as strong
pedals don’t really matter…

19" wheel… make sure its nice and wide, not a bmx tire

Thanks for the post, but it’s about 100 dollars more than my budget.