wanted: trials parts USorCANADA

i am building my buddy a trials uni as a gift.

already have wheelset, tire and tube, and pedals
cranks for an isis hub
frame(to fit 42 mm bearrings)
seatpost and clamp
i will prolly get a brand new seat but if anyone as one in good condition…

thanks all

Frame, SeatPost, and Clamp

Hey…I have a Bedford Hard Core Frame…Hard Core Seatpost…and the pz clamp that comes with the hardcore…all of them new together is about 100 bucks…I will sell for 60 or a good offer…if u want I can prob send some pics…if u like that is…


p.s I am in Ottawa Canada…and I am willing to send it to u…but u have to pay shipping…depending on price sold for

yo deffinetly intrested, send some pics please.
that frame fits 42mm?


I’ve got a near perfect Viscount for $20 plus shipping


It has a few scratches but otherwise its fine…and it has a bit of left over black paint that I cudnt get off…but its in good riding condition…not the best in looks…I am uploading the pics on the next post…and i am asking darren bedford if it will fit

Files Are Too Big

the forum wont let the pics be attached…do u have email address I cud send them to???..the pics are too big (the files)…I will send on an email…and then u can view them…and then reply back on the forum

shoot, sorry that was sopose to be it

q@mushroom.net, that will work


I sent you an email regarding the pictures.