[WANTED] Suzue or similar hub (UK)

Hi everyone,

I need a new hub for an old Pashley/Absolute 20" uni. The one on it now is a Suzue, but if anyone has a hub with with 92mm bearing spacing that they don’t want I would be interested whether it is Suzue or not.

Cheers, Liam

Roger was selling them quite recently, less than £20 as far as I can remember. I haven’t checked for months, but if you haven’t already tried it could be worth asking him.

… I’ve just had a look at UDC UK and they are still listed, but more expensive than I thought - £36 inc bearings.


Yeah I know UDC has them, but

is why I’m asking here first:)

Yes, after I’d posted that I did think perhaps you’re after a cheap one, rather than thinking they weren’t available anywhere :o