[WANTED] Suzue or other hub for Pashley MUni frame

Hello all,

I am on the hunt for a Suzue hub or any other good-quality and strong square-taper hub that will fit* an old late-90’s/early-2000’s Pashley MUni frame.

I don’t really have any strong opinions about whether the hub is used or new old stock.

Mostly, I just want the hub to be strong and in good condition so I can build a second wheel for XC riding.

* Unfortunately, the modern UDC CroMo square-taper hubs won’t fit those old Pashley MUni frames because the flanges are too widely spaced and will rub the lollipop bearing housings.

I have absolutely no idea if it will fit but I have noticed that the flanges on the M4O/URC square taper hubs are closer to one another than those on the UDC hubs.

You can take a look at Unicycle Spoke Calculator - Unicycle.com (UK) that has measurements of the flange width of a lot hubs. Maybe that could be helpful in your search.


@ruari and @Hammer, Thanks both for the suggestions!

I just took a look at the UDC spoke calculator measurements and it says the:

  • Suzue hub flange width is 62mm with a 63.9 diameter.
  • UDC CrMo “Wide” cotterless flange width and diameter are 71.5mm and 56.2mm
  • QU-AX cotterless flange width and diameter are 66mm and 50mm

The URC cotterless hub is not listed on the spoke calculator drop-down menu. I checked the Unarota website and they do not specify the actual flange spacing, but do say in their general hub info that all of their hubs are “around” 68mm. However, the photo of their cotterless hub makes the spacing look closer to UDC’s spacing rather than QU-AX’s spacing.

I still need to measure my frame, but based on these measurements and what I’ve observed with spacing for the Suzue hub, I think the QU-AX hub might be my best bet if I decide to go with a new hub.

Either way, I’d still be curious to hear if any users around here have a Suzue hub they’d like to get rid of.

…also, I am curious if anyone has any thoughts on the durability of the QU-AX cotterless hubs compared to those sold by UDC, or compared to the old Suzue hubs?

I am sure @MAD4ONE who is active here from time to time could probably tell you the flange width on the URC cotterless hubs.

Thanks! I am sure they can. I just hadn’t made it that far yet :wink:

You beat me to it!

For what I remember the distance between bearings on Suzue was 90mm.
I knew only the hub used on freestyle and I do not know how large was the one used for Muni,
The URC aquare hub distance between flange is 62 (outer faces)
I do not suggest a square tapered hub for MUNI.
I have seen many bent ot broken from all brands.


I am on holiday but I actually have a 24" URC uni with a square taper that I took with me. I didn’t think I had any way to measure but i just found something to do a really rough measurement

EDIT: Ah, I see now that @MAD4ONE did reply. Listen to him instead!

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@MAD4ONE @ruari

Thank you both. Based on that measurement, the URC does seem like it might be a good bet for this frame.

I think the bearings spacing on the Suzue hubs for which the old Pashley MUnis were built is 96 or 97 mm center-to-center. There’s enough flex in the frame forks that I expect 100 mm will work fine. It’s just the flange spacing that can cause issues because of the weird shape of the lollipop bearing housings.

I am using the term Muni lightly here. My usage is more gravel, light trail riding, and no real drops.


Do you happen to know the flange diameter on the URC square-taper hub also?




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