WANTED:Store with trials uni. in Puerto Rico

I need(well, not really need, but rather want…my current unicycle is kinda…rusty…and it’s my only one, and although I’m a level 1 ½ I plan to learn tricks) a unicycle(duh!) in Puerto Rico.My current one was found in a cycle shop in Caguas, it was the smallest one they had, and it can get adjusted without any extra parts(except the tools; a wrench) to be too big for me.Any…miniature trials…in Puerto Rico (preferably under $100, a cheap small wheeled unicycle at Toys’R’us or something…or Walmart…you get the point, any store they hae around Vega Baja or Manatí) 'cause I don’t like ordering stuff from the Internet scince a ConAir product didn’t come and was expensive…and my family doesn’t have a credit card…you get the point…

I have no cles where you could get a unicycle in puerto rico. is that in us dollors or puerto rico money. because if that is us dollors then you want find a rials uni that cheap

In Puerto Rico we use U.S. dollars.I got my unicycle on a cycle store in Caguas(I think, I fell asleep on the trip) and I have no idea what brand it is.Really weird, actually, I DID find it at $80 US.I found one on Amazon at $69.99 and it’s just confusing 'cause I can’t find much of a difference between my unicycle and an expensive one, except that they’re plastic-y or something.Besides, my uni is so small it MIGHT just be trials and I have no idea.