[Wanted] Splined trials uni

I am looking for a splined trials uni, prefrably cheep, but if you have one you would like to sell, please post the price and specs/pics. Thanks.

You should have looked a little further down the page.

I think that This one is still for sale.

I saw that but it’s a bit steep in price for my liking. I’m looking for under $300 for a complete uni.

Well hes beeen trying to sell it for a while…maybe you can talk him down?

That’s pitty

Sold my Qu-Ax 2005 yesterday.(€130)
Guessed the price was right.
Would you’ve given more???

I would have given much more than that, I am very happy with my QU-AX MUni. That is a very cheap price, I guess shipping would be pretty expensive from the Netherlands.

just buy a dx or a the nimbus hoppley. the dx is 260 and the hoppley is 350 on unicycle.com.

:smiley: So cool that i made someone happy with a bargain.
I’m ridin’ a bigbubba (kh20frame,koxx wheelset,monty 2.7 and cf) now and nothing is to compare to that.
Feels like riding in heaven.
By the way it wasn’t a muni but a trial that i’ve sold.
Still have my muni Quax (24) and won’t sell it if it was the last thing i had on earth!!!

TorkerDX: If I can’t get a deal on here I will probably end up with the Hoppley

tr4nspo: I intend on buying a trials uni, not a Muni, Your new setup sounds really nice.

i just got the nimbus hopley from unicycle.com and its is a awesome splined uni
got quax splined cranks and the kris holms splined hub.

iam just doing a lot of drops with no fear to broke it hehe

Nimbus HOpley on UDC is 350 us dolar

this is the link http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=941

I have a 2004 KH Trials for sale at the moment, i am prepared to sell it for about $450 - 500 AUD, it is on ebay if you want to have a look. the link is here


If you have any questions either leave it here, or on the item on ebay.

i never saw this Uni b4,(not that i am look to buy one)… it looks good.

His “Big bubba” is cool, but the only thing I don’t like about it is the Try All rim.
KH rim just rules :sunglasses: