Wanted: someone to build me a 29'er handle

In doing various searchs about handles for 29’ers I have come across quite a few folks who have built their own handles. Specifically there have been some fine creations that attach to the seat tube not the seat itself thus allowing one to continue to use a stock KH seat.

Sadly I lack both the equipment and skills necessary to build such an item myself. But in anticipation of a spring/summer of longer distance 29’er rides I’d like to have a simple and light handle for my Big Apple/Bedford 29’er.

Can anyone help me out? State your price - I still have Xmas money needing to be spent. :slight_smile:

you’d really be better off buying a GB4 handle.

You can put a GB4 on a KH base with a rail adapter, which you’ll want anyway for distance comfort. Check out this thread: GB Handle brake mount

Thanks for those sugestions guys but I know that it is possible to attach the handle to the seat post successfully as quite a few riders have done so. I was hoping to avoid buying a special seat or rails as my stock KH works very well for me.

Now if I could just find someone with a bit of time on their hands and the willingness to take my money for their skillz and ingenuity.

(Some day there will be handles like this for every 29’er and/or Coker rider among the various long distance riding accessories. :wink: )

What kind of handle are you looking for, Erin? What characteristics should it have?

Hi U Turn. :slight_smile:

A first I was thinking of a handle that attached to the seat post stem like the one John Childs built up from a stoker stem a while back for his Coker. Or something like some of the guys have done where they used the top tube of a kids bike and cut it so it would attach to the seat post.

However, in the meantime, in talking with John, he says that the stoker stem type of handle hasn’t worked as well for him as he had hoped. He recommended Scott’s Vgrip handle. But that requires a special seat/baseplate combo.

In the ideal world I’d like a simple, light handle for long distance 29’er rides that can be mounted to a stock KH seat. I can understand that the seat alone would not be strong enough to support the weight that this type of handle would be receiving. And I gather that it is hard to make a stiffener plate for the KH due to the way the bottom of that seat has been moulded.

So now I’m kind of confused as to which direction to take in trying to reach my goal. I’m not sure there is going to be a simple, light, and not crazy expensive handle option for a 29’er.

I’d be interested in your thoughts on this.

I ran across a thread with quite a few pictures of home made Coker handles. On the second page, there is a close-up pic of a simple handle I made that is welded to a steel seatpost clamp (dual purpose). Perhaps it will help convey your idea to whoever is builidng yours.


My post above is a very ecomomical way to get a really gret distance grip (GB4) onto a KH saddle. Yes, you would have to use a rail adapter, but you really will want a rail adapter so you can tilt your seat back more to get the needed comfort for long distance riding.

Another 2 cents that makes 4 cents.

Here’s the link that works:

Krashin’Kenny, thanks for that link. Yes I think your design is simple and cost efficient. My concern is that there is very little space between my seat and the seat post tube, perhaps 1/2 and inch ( sucks to be short :roll_eyes: ). Most likely there is not enough room for a handle that involves clamping to the seat.

pdc, I starting to lean more and more towards your idea of the rail adapter/GB handle. I have sent a message to George Barnes asking about a lighter version of his GB handle as the only criticism I have ever heard about that handle is that it is heavy. On a 29’er we can’t really afford too much extra weight as that size uni isn’t as able to deal with the added heft in the same way that a Coker can.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that maybe GB is prepared to release the final version of the aluminum prototype GB handle that he made a while ago and that got good reviews from Nathan when he tested it out.

I think a light GB handle in combination with the rail adapter on a stock KH seat would fit my budget and my 29’er.

Erin, I had the same problem you do when I had my Coker. That type of handle attaches to the seat tube (not the post) and is designed to replace the seatpost clamp in situations where very little seatpost is exposed:) :wink:

Erin, could you be specific about what you want the handle for? Since there is a handle on the KH, what do you want to do that the KH does not provide?

By answering this question, you focus in on what is necessary.

For instance, do you want to take weight off the saddle more effectively? Do you want to mount a cyclometer so that it is visible during riding? Do you want to mount a headlight? Do you want alternate hand positions? Do you want a hill climbing handle to replace the KH that is stiffer, stronger, or more comfortable?

You don’t need a rail adapter with a GB4. If you want an adjustable angle you can that from a number of different uni seatpost including a GB4 seatpost. If the seat still isn’t stiff enough have someone weld you a stiffener plate or make a torker (former myata) air saddle with a GB4 stiffener.

It really doesn’t add anymore weight than a wallet in your pocket either. It’s negligable.

I was also interested in a GB handle, but not wanting to invest in it as I was new to cokering, I put together an inexpensive seat post mounted handle for my radial 360 coker with the 25.4 seat post and the KH gel seat.

I used two different bicycle bar ends, one of which started out as an aero bar before I cut it down. It is a single handle design, surprisingly rigid and looks less home-made than many of my inventions. I haven’t seen this type of set-up on the gallery pages from the coker handle crazy folks out there

The rub is that it mounts on the seat post about 3-4" down from the seat, which you said wouldn’t work because of yoru hieght.
I haven’t figured out how to post a pic. on here yet, but if you message me, I can send you a pic of this set-up. It may give you an idea.

brycer, I’d be interested in some pix. I’ve sent you a PM and if you’d like I could try posting your pix on this thread if you send them to me.

U-turn, you asked some good questions in your post above. I can easily answer them here.

“Do you want to take weight off the saddle effectively?” - YES, definitely and specifically during long distance rides.

“Do you want to mount a cyclometer so that it is visible during riding?”
Well that would be a bonus but not absolutely necessary. I like it if I could mount a computer where it could be seen while I was riding.

“Do you want to mount a headlight? Do you want alternate hand positions? Do you want a hill climbing handle to replace the KH that is stiffer, stronger, or more comfortable?”

No, I don’t need to mount as headlight. Alternate hand positions, not really, its more taking the weight off the seat during long rides. I find the KH handle is too close to the body to do this effectively. No need for a stiffer, stronger handle for hill climbing. The KH handle is usually fine for that…and if not, well, I just get off and walk! LOL

Its all about finding a simple, light, affordable attachment that will offer my butt some relief during long distance rides. I often just stop and get off to rest my butt even though my legs and lungs don’t necessary need the rest. I’d like some way to shift my weight while still continuing with a ride especially on those days when I really feel like I’m really ‘in a groove’ of pedaling.

Does that help clarify things? I am looking forward to further advice and suggestions because so far the options I have explored are either too complicated, too expensive or not suitable to my current uni.


Here’s a few pix of Bryce’s set up: