[Wanted] SixSixOnes?

Does anyone know where to buy a cheap set of sixsixones? my shins are getting hammered and it’s about time i do something about it.

Since unicycle.com only has small 661’s in stock, the best I could do is match their price here:


check at some local bike shops… they usally carry sixsixones or at least around b.c they do !

your best price bet looks like this shop


I have used ones. PM for info. Im thinking $15 + shipping

kohpee is right about this place. A friend of mine got his 661’s from them They are great to do business with. I was going to recommend them, but couldn’t remember the name of their company (getting old sucks) :wink:

Thanks for the Help

Thanks for the help guys, I’m pretty sure i’m going to buy some withing the next month, and i appreciate your help!


I bought them!!

So I went ahead and bought a pair of 661’s from www.blueskycyclery.com or whatever the heck it was, I ordered a pair of larges, and hopefully they fit, cause i have long skinny legs…i’m 6’4" and 155lbs (yes i’m a stick man), anyways…my calfs are getting bigger anyways, so i’m pretty sure they will fit…anyways…they were $31 including shipping, so i would definantly recommend them to anyone who wants a pair (instead of paying $40…plus shipping)… thanks for the link though.