[Wanted] SixSixOne Shin guards

Anyone have a set that’s not totally beat up or really ickily sweaty?

Edit: Size L needed.

get them from jensonusa.com. pretty cheap and used shin guards might be a little gross. i mean there’d have to be a reason someone’s selling them, right?

Um, that site you gave me doesn’t actually have SixSixOne shin guards listed. And, I was kind of hoping for still-in-package or “tryed them on once, didn’t like 'em” type used, rather than “wore them every day for 3 years” type used. Maybe I’ll go to the 'bay or just break down and buy them new.

Dude, just buy them new. Used pads, no matter how few times they were used, are just not good. Those things get awfully nasty in a hurry.

OK, I will.