WANTED:Seat with handle (seat post attached)

My unicycle seat is too low, i need a higher post with a better seat. Also, my Torker CX seat doesn’t come with a handle so a seat handle would also be good. Thanks!

You cant attach a seat handle to a CX seat. Bad bolt pattern on the CX.
Also, I wouldnt put money into a CX, its a waste. Get a new uni.

yer i agree with maximus, you will have to spend at least $50 for a second hand seat and post.
and you might aswell just keep that money and save for a better uni.

Yeah, about 50$ for a United post which is 10$ (UDC is out of GB4’s) and UDC’s cheapest seat with a handle is 39$.

PDC has this seat for sale. Don’t worry about the hand of the handle, I think even if you are right handed, you will find that it works and is way better than what you have.

If you bought a frame and post on the forum, you could pretty much redu your entire uni for about $150.00 cause believe me, It’s gonna suck hardcore when you actually start to do street and trials stuff and you twist that tinfoil hub of yours.