wanted - right handed reeder!

Im still looking for one of these…


welcome to the club.

I’m gonna try to weld some mock ups up sometime…
IF ANYONE HAS a REEDER WHO CAN MEASURE THE ANGLES and LENGTHS of the pieces in the handle i would be much obliged.

Then miles and I can stop bothering y’all for right handed reeder handles.

everybody hates us matt :frowning:

*goes and cries in corner because everyone hates me

forgive my ignorance, but what is a right handed reeder?


it is a metal handle for seats.

they arent made anymore.

Just go, “Oh Evan I have money so would you use your awsome welding skills to make me one.”

haha, he won’t

haha, yeah.

So i got my hands on the measurements.

i’ll get to welding soon.

i was just about to offer. miles you want one?

I’d like to archive them incase I want one someday.

Can you pm them to me?

Yes Please.

will you be at cmw?

most likely.
and it will be something i weld up for using an actuall one as a model.

and i can powdercoat it too.
if you are interested let me know

wait what?

i think he was talking to me, for the measurements.

I’ll PM them to you as soon as i finish.

I was talking to you but now i’m talking to abbabibble.

I didn’t realize that you didn’t have plans and were actually selling a complete handle.

So Abbabibble I thank you in advance.

no, i’m not selling anything right now.
I plan to be able to create reeder-esque handles sometime in the very near future.

i dont have the plans but i have a friend who i can borrow a reight handed reader from, so i can get the sizes from that

No you don’t.
I have it.

(JACKED.) :smiley:

justins reeder?

seriously or are you just messing with me. because i know a saw it less than a week ago in his garage


My pallie kyle and i went riding with him yesterday, and i snagged it while we were at his house.

If you want measurements too, i’ll send them over when i measure it.