wanted: right handed reeder handle

yea, used or new, I do’n’t want to pay more than $25 but I might.

i have one

will you be able to sell it?

I’m sure alot of people have them but are using them and don’t want to sell them to me:) :wink:


still looking

I have a friend that might sell his. Ill check with him. BTW, do you ever go to school Miles? Your posting at 8:45 you time.


please check w/ your friend

Ill talk to him tomorrow.

is that a break where you go and drink milk?

crazy americans!

haha. 15minutes to run around, drink milk, or go to el library to browse forums!

i have a question howlate does your school start if you have already a break at 8:45 you time.
my school start at 8:10 and i have 2 breaks one at 10:40 and one at 12:40
and then i’am free at 14:50:)

Ha, I had never heard of it either. It must be a private school kind of thing.

any news?

Its left handed. And he doesnt want to sell. Sorry Miles.

oh. oh well

I guess I’ll just get one from UDC

i found it give me 2$ for it


…what i would say…

I’ll give you $15 or $20 USD for it.

pm sent…

Ha! Homeschoolers can take a break whenever their mom says it’s ok!

finally get one mornish?