wanted review on surley large marge rim

i know there has to be one. but i cant find one

im looking at the surly 24" large marge rim

is it worth the extra weight?

does it effect hopping.

pros/ cons pls.

I hope this helps you with your decision. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I apoligise if i couldn’t help you more. :slight_smile:

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yeah, there’s some on

Just go to rims and look for Surly. The LM is there.
But No…I dont think its worth it. A Sun Double wide is very strong, and pretty wide. Or a KH is wide enouph and strong. And both of these rims are alot lighter. But I havn’t ridden one with a 3.0" tire on it, so I dont really know how much better or stable it is compared to a “normal” DH rim.

thanks guys. anyone try it and love it…
and why?

There’ve been several threads about this rim. I don’t have it (nor do I currently want it–other things take precedence), but the consensus among owners seems to be that it offers quite a bit of performance enhancement. The width gives better support to wide tires’ sidewalls, so there’s much reduced tire fold.

You should do a search to see if there’s a particular user group that this rim helps more than others. For instance, if you’re in the lightweight category, tire fold may not be an issue anyway, and a KH or similar rim will do you fine.

For what it’s worth, Surly has a great reputation among the hardcore single-speed b*ke community because they make durable, well-designed products.

Ive ridden them before, and I must say, they are awesome.

They are so wide, that they make a 3" duro fold in on itself.

I’ve rideen the 26" LM with a 3 inch gazzalodi, it’s the only uni I’ve ridden that will go straight up flights of stairs without effort, it just soaks it up. Alot less manouverable than my KH 24", though I’m sure you get use to it, it’s loosemoose’s and he can throw it around more than i can my KH.

I’ve been riding with the 24" LM for about a year. It really does improve the stability in heavy-duty muni. Highly recommended.

Many others swear by it as well, including Mike Clark and John Long…There are threads out there in RSU about it, but a quick search I tried didn’t turn up anything.

At any rate, my experiences confirm that for big-move, rock-garden and heavy-duty DH muni, you won’t regret converting to a Large Marge. It’s worth every penny.

edit: Check this thread:

Large Marge Testimony and Review

Wheel: 24" Large Marge Rim, Duro Wildlife 24x3" tire, 2007 KH Moment hub
Duration of use: 4-5 months

The more I ride with a LM, the more I think of it as a very specific device, which has worked both for and against me depending on the terrain.

The rim is (from memory) around 20-30mm wider than the KH and Alex rims and for this reason it creates a noticeably wider tire footprint. This translates to mean more traction and stability over uncertain terrain, a definite plus if you plan on bombing the crunchy, technical sections of your local trails. However, the extra width and bombproof construction adds a considerable amount of weight to the wheel. Athletes will get over the weight issue, but I don’t think it’s an optimal trade off even though the LM offers a serious advantage on technical terrain.

Ideally, I would use this rim combination on trails that are, say, 85% technical and the width advantage is thoroughly exploited, otherwise it really is a lot of weight to contend with on the casual uphill/downhill sections that litter the local trails (I’m probably more sensitive to this for having asthma). Better unicyclists than me could certainly manage the extra weight, but they’ll be rolling against the same disadvantage even if their ability can compensate for it.

Conclusion: If I purchased the LM now, I’d definitely want a drilled version of this rim, debates over compromising its’ strength notwithstanding. Currently, I’ve been debating myself over how I can justify owning the muni equivalent of an SUV in the city-- it’s a performance vehicle that’s painfully inefficient when it’s not being used as intended. I’m not as self-absorbed as the SUV owner, but my muni is just as impractical. And I’m on the fence as to whether I would switch it back to a smaller rim or not. For longer trail rides, it’s an albatross, but for the gritty stuff, I’d never give it up. Just understand that the LM is a specialty rim and it can do everything other muni rims can do, even better in some instances, but it does everything heavier.

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