[WANTED] Nimbus 36er frame

I’ve ordered a Triton 36er frame for the new kh/schulmpf hib but who knows how long it will take to arrive…:frowning:
So I though maybe I’d modify a Nimbus frame to fit the hub in the meantime if I could pick one up inexpensively. If anyone has one collecting dust out there (unlikely I know, but worth a shot) let me know! Thanks

The triton frame doesn’t have machined bearing holders, thats not going to work with the kh/schlumpf hub’s knurled bearing. Unless you’ve got some magic up your sleeve.

Oh whoops, I was thinking of the titan for some reason: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1201 sorry. Disregard what I said. :o

Can you explain please? I don’t get it…

Thank you

He thought that osmundo was talking about a unicycle called the nimbus titan, not the triton.

I misread something, I corrected myself in the post directly below it. The Titanium Sponge Triton frame will most certainly work. For some reason I thought he he said titan frame which is another 36" unicycle frame which would not work.

If no one has one you can always buy a new one for $120. Relatively speaking, it is pretty cheap if you consider how much you paid for the titanium frame and kh/schlumpf hub. Maybe Corbin could help you out with modifying it, his set up seems to be suiting him quite fine, and I am not sure how hard it actually is to modify the frame/bearing holders (I probably couldn’t do it though).

Just get the frame, modify it, or have some help with modifying it and get rolling on that century ride you want to do.

Ah sorry, it was my lack of attention.

You know, if someone says Triton doesn’t work with some part, I can make it work easily by introducing the modifications.
That’s why I am reading all these posts in order to comfort all possible riding styles.

I totally understand, thats cool. I rode with Sam Haber (AgentQ) a few weeks ago and noticed that the seatpost tube on his Triton is pretty far out of alignment with regards to the rest of the frame - it leans pretty far forward. Are you going to help him out with that? I can see that even making some tricks like unispins somewhat awkward.


Haha, quite a misunderstanding.

Calling me a noob? You can’t even post a simple link! You totally fail here: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1011586&postcount=1

Also, what is a smoothless shave and why would I want that: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1011562&postcount=1 ?

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe I’ll do that. I called UDC and they said they wouldn’t do the modification for me but that they’d walk me through it. Maybe I could resell it when I get the Triton but then the KH 36ers will be out and probably no one would want it. Thanks for the post.