Wanted: Nimbus 20" Ultimate Wheel

I’ve been riding my 28" for a long time now, but because I’m short with big knees, the wheel smashes me unless I wear copious amounts of padding directly on the side of my knees. The padding restricts my movement, prevents me from riding backwards easily, and just generally sucks. I still want to ride ultimate wheels though, so I’m looking for the small version instead of my big one. Unfortunately the 20" model seems to be out of stock everywhere, so I have no choice but to try asking around.

I’m willing to either buy the Nimbus 20" ultimate wheel for some agreed upon price, or trade evenly for my 28" one. For reference, it’s silver and well used, but still in good riding condition. I’m willing to take photos if you want to see exactly how it looks.

I may have a trade for you. Let me speak with my son tonight and let you know asap. He may want to trade his 20” for your 28”.

I just spoke with my son. He will trade his 20” for your 28”.

I’ll PM you.


Looking forward to it!

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