Wanted: Muni/Road Riders - Queens, NY

Are there any muni/road riders out there that want to get together to ride some trails around Queens, NY?
After a 40 year break of riding my 20" unicycle, I purchased a 29" muni in October 2016. I’ve been riding mostly on weekend mornings on bike paths and on a mountain bike trail in Cunningham Park and in Alley Pond Park.
I figure, if an informal group of us went out riding, we could help each other to get better and we could help bring the world together one wheel at a time.

Be well

There are people at the New York Unicycle club who go for rides in and around the parks that you mention. Show up to one of their afternoon meetings (Saturday, December 17th is the next one, weather permitting) and you should be able to organize something pretty easily. Are you riding this weekend?

Song, the NYUC has been on my must ‘visit list’ and your suggestion about setting up something at one of the meetings is a great idea! Thanks.
Unfortunately, I’m not riding this weekend or for a couple of weekends. The day after Thanksgiving, I fell off my unicycle and injuried my rib. My guess is that I cracked it. It’s slowly getting better. I’m guessing it will be at least four more weeks before I can get back on the saddle. I’ll post something when I’m back on the trail Be well.

Sorry about your fall!

NYUC meets on the first Sunday and the third Saturday of each month. See you there, maybe. Get well!