[wanted] Miyata post or rail adapter!

I just bought the used Miyata seat listed here and now I need post or rail adapters. I have a Yuni 22.2 frame. Can anyone help me out, Thanks

I really really need this post. Darren Beford is not selling Miyata parts and Uni.com only has 25.5 ones.

I got one for you, just PM’d you.

PM PDC i think he still has a Miyata rail adapter. I was gonna buy it but i didnt have the money at that time.

on udc try the universal one ive got one on my old cx so i could put an lx seat on it

You could always order directly from Miyata, it would cost a little under 40 bucks with shipping.

It may not be long enough though as 180 mm isn’t that long, they do have seat post extenders but thats more money.

i ahve a kh rail adapter if u need

what is a rail adapter?

I don’t think that a KH rail adapter would work on a miyata. Unless it is the KH Miyata rail adapter. If it is the Miyata one, then I will probably take it from you.

A rail adapter is frame that bolts on where your seat base normally would that has two rails on it so you can start to use super light and super strong rail type Mountain and BMX bike seat posts.

This http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=608 is a nice one. It fits a KH or a Miyata.