Wanted: Miyata or Freestyle/Trials Saddle

Hey, I’m looking for either a Miyata saddle, or just any kind of freestyle/trials saddle, preferably with a 25.4mm seat post. If you have a saddle like that without the post, it’s no big deal. So, if you have an extra one laying around, I might be willing to buy it! I’ll probably pay up to $30 for anything other than a KH, in which case I might pay more. Thanks!


http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=823 !

The Nimbus Gel saddle looks nice, but It comes out to be around $50 with shipping, plus I’d have to buy a seatpost. That would be about $18… I was hoping someone would have a decent saddle (maybe a Miyata :roll_eyes: )that they’d be willing to part with for less than $30. Thanks though.

i think its a miata…im not sure…but its got a CF base… id give it out for 60buks…it doesnt come with a handle though cuse my friend broke it…


The miyata seat post bracket looks like this:
I’ll seriously consider buying it if it’s an actual Miyata. I’ll seriously consider buying it no matter what, if you pay shipping! Also, would I be able to buy a handle and put it on?


oh well its got the normal sized seat post…
but the seat is shaped funny like this http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=259

What size seat post do you have? Would you be willing to throw that in, too?

i would only sell the seat, but i have to ask my dad first…

Do you know if it would be possible to put a Street Fusion cover on that seat?

my dad said i cant sell it…
sorry man…
umm…i dont know…u might be able to though…

If the foam was thin enough.

Sigh… bump.

I’m sure someone has a decent seat laying around?

hey don’t wait around for me, but I might have kh fusion/street for sale… I am not sure I will probably not, but if I do i’ll be sure to tell ya.