Wanted: Magura HS33 Brake (New thread)

Other thread had too much action so I think it is fair I put my wanted ad fresh.

-Located in NY USA and looking for HS33 brake with line, lever and pads.
-Also need a seat mount for the lever.

You can find a Magura HS33 Brake new or used on Ebay.

Thanks, was hoping someone might be parting out before I order from ebay.

I’ve got one with the clamps for the frame and under saddle mount. I can send you pictures. Send me a private message, I’ll take pictures when I get home!

I have 2 complete sets with a bleeding kit, extra pads and mounts. You can have it all for $50 plus shipping.

I also have a couple of attachments. another $15 for the post of your choice.

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Thanks, Just got a used one that is working great. Might consider another set of 2 for the next uni I find. Where are you located? Thanks

@brycer1968 used to sell new and refurbished Magura brakes here. No idea if he still has any.

I’m in Virginia, near Harrisonburg.

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