[WANTED] kris holm moments UK

anyone have some kris holm moments for sale? preferable 165mm or 150mm


I might have what you’re looking for, bear with me.


any luck?

I have a pair of 150s, but if you can find something in Europe it would probably be cheaper for you. If you are interested though PM me, I’ll check for shipping costs and everything.

how much do you want?

$50 Canadian + shipping? How does it sounds to you?

sorry cant, i have to pay tax on anything that comes in from outside the uk
thanks anyway

Ok, i doesn’t really matter, I wasn’t planning on selling them anyway. I guess they’ll stay there in my room collecting dust! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to keep you waiting but I can’t help you, all the moments I have for sale are 137.

Good luck.


how much for the 137s?