Wanted: KH Stiffener Plate - UK

The above speaks for itself methinks :smile:

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I’m sure you already know this but you can buy those new from UDC, but I see they are out of stock in the UK. They are in stock in the USA. The impact plate is available, you should ask Roger if it will work in substitution.
Hopefully the KH stuff will be back in stock soon. It would be nice if you could buy the seat tube and other KH touring bar components separately. Best of luck in your search


I believe the impact plate only works with impact/nimbus style seats.

I have a spare which I’d happily pass on to you but the 6000+ miles make it a bit of a problem.


Apon further inspection I think you are right

I should have a spare from France

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Thanks so much everyone.

I think I have a line on one from someone locally here in the UK so it’s likely sorted pending confirmation.



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