wanted: KH o7 street/trials uni

I have decided to buy a kh 07 street/trials uni but am slightly low on cash so if anyone is selling one in the uk that is in good condition or knows of a place were i can buy it cheaper than UDC please can you post here or message me, thanks

well the KH trials from municycle.com in germany are 523,28USD

while the KH trials from udc.uk are 531.421 USD

im not sure if shipping would be more from germany though…

I think it would cost too much to post to the uk and it would take longer but thanks anyway

actually i was real suprised at mdc shipping costs. Work it out, honest i bet it wont be that much!

ok I will do thanks, im still not sure if it will be cheaper than buying from UDC but I will have a look, do you know how good/quick thier survace is?

I have just had a look and it is a few pounds more to buy i did not go as far as to find out the postage because i cant believe that it will be cheaper than UDC, unless I hear that someone is selling one second hand in the uk i think i will just order it from UDC probably tomorrow so that it arrives after easter on tuesday

its £9 for UDC to my house and £12 for municycle to my house for the KH trials.

And thats to devon UK… so there you go. but UDC are at £269 instead of £271-2 for MDC so actually UDC is cheaper anyways.

Btw MDC service is awesome, i got my parcel the next day with them and delivery was only a fiver.