WANTED: ISIS Hub (you lucky ones upgrading to the KH/Shlumpf must have something)

Hey guys, I doubt anyone will want to part with theirs but I’m looking to get a 36 hole ISIS hub. Let me know if you have anything! Maybe one of you lucky ones upgrading to the geared KH Hub will have something from your old build.

No? No one out there has an ISIS hub they are looking to sell? Didn’t think so. :frowning:

Is the qu-ax, the ISIS hub? I am assuming its not by the price. He asked for an ISIS hub.

Do you just have all these brand new hubs sitting around? Are they used?
I cant figure out why you would offer these at full price. He could obviously just order them from UDC for that.

Nice try being clever. :wink:

The only ISIS qu-ax hub you can get at any of the UDCs is the 48 hole red light hub which goes for around 40 USD. You gave me the price to their older non-ISIS hub.

Next time pay more attention to people’s posts - I didn’t want 48 hole OR non-ISIS, jerk.


Those are splines, but they aren’t ISIS splines.

I don’t want to use a 48h hub for a 36h rim because it requires a funky wheel build.

My nimbus hub is fine, I’m just working on another project and I have everything I need except the hub and my funds are running low.

Actually they are. You can put Moment cranks on them.

It’s not that strong though. Comparable in strength to the UDC cotterless Chro-mo hub.

What? The yellow qu-ax hub is known to be one of the strongest (though heavy) hubs out there, as far as I know no ones ever busted one. That right there is the old non ISIS model, its been on UDC for ages.

Maybe you were thinking about the red ISIS hub?

I don’t know about the hub linked to on UDC, but the new Qu-Ax hubs, both the light (rot/red) and heavy-duty (gelb/yellow), are ISIS.

Yeah, I know that the new ones are both now ISIS - people just need to be aware that the one on UDC US is not.

this is what udc has to say “Qu-ax use a distinctive colour-coded hub design; chrome for the steel hubs, red for the reinforced hubs and yellow for the splined hubs.” if that helps at all.

It doesn’t because the red are also ISIS splined now. Thats old information.

Really, there doesn’t need to be any confusion here. Both the new yellow and red qu-ax hubs are ISIS splined but the only one which UDC US sells individually is the old pre-ISIS splined hub.